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Investment & Finance Calculator
Overview | User Manual
Investment & Finance Calculator

Investment & Finance Calculator

Investment & Finance Calculator

Investment & Finance Calculator

Investment & Finance Calculator

iPhone Investment & Finance Calculator 

Compute percentages, savings, annuities, loans and depreciations easily.

This app shall support you through various financial decision endeavors ranging from everyday living’s simple reckoning such as discount calculation, to unit price computation, up to seemingly complex operations such as interest yield accounting from your savings, investment funding planning, even finding out the depreciation rate and the right value of your assets.

Primary Features

Percentages Calculator

This tool makes percentage calculations easier for everyone and can be used right on the spot without the need to have special math skills. It can handle percentage, per mill and per 10k calculations. It can flexibly compute for the right base value, percentage or result value. AND, you can use this to find out percentage increase or decrease very easily even without going through the "rule of three", for example for gross-re-net calculation or rebate/extra charge calculations. Yes, and it’s very handy a tool in comparing two goods in different quantities, or products in different package sizes. With the unit price you calculated using this feature, you become better informed in your next buying decision.

Savings & Interests

The savings & interests calculator is an exceptionally powerful tool. Whether you are an entrepreneur on your way to an excited business upstart, or just simply a financially-inclined individual who’s interested in finding out the goings on of your savings, its not gonna be a black box no more! It’s quite common that you would want to know how much you have to save in the bank given some kind of target amount in the end of X number of years; well then this would be a very practical tool for you. On one hand, it’s capable of doing the reverse; this tool will help you calculate how much money you have after a certain period of time. It works dynamically, whereby you can input actual interest rates; it allows you to define an increase for your regular savings to reflect inflationary trends and compound interest effect.


When you have saved a certain capital you can calculate with this tool how many annuities you can withdraw taking into account a certain interest rate for your savings until the capital is used up. Of course the computation works in the reverse direction as well, calculating the necessary initial capital for a certain yearly annuity, for example.

Loans & Mortgages

If you’re the type who has loans left and right and you need to keep track on them, this tool might just be your life saver. Well, it allows you to calculate the funding required for your investment in different scenarios. It is capable of computing for the debt/loan value, regular installment rate with different installment periods, and the duration/time needed to finance a certain debt or a remaining debt amount.

Depreciations Calculator

When’s the right time of selling your car or your other depreciating asset? Luckily, you have this financial tool that just won’t depreciate in value and will never ever let you lose in your financial endeavors. The Depreciations Calculator let’s you compute your asset’s acquisition value, its yearly depreciation, and useful life. This will be perfect for calculating allowance for depreciation, amortization as well as depreciation and impairments.


If you’ve read the features mentioned above, you’ll agree that this application has a lot to offer. It combines various mathematical and special financial capabilities where before you might have needed four or five or even more apps to perform as many as what is described here. Well now its right under one application. It will ease and support you in your financial decisions for the small and everyday as well as for the complex major finance or investment projects.

For further information, please visit our webpage: In there, you will find a comprehensive user manual for this app. Your Comments, suggestions and error reports are encouraged and very much welcomed. In case bugs or errors occur in this app, do not hesitate to inform us and we’ll do our best effort to address them as soon as possible and also try to implement helpful suggestions whenever possible.