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Investment & Finance Calculator
Overview | User Manual
Investment & Finance Calculator

Investment & Finance Calculator

Investment & Finance Calculator

Investment & Finance Calculator

Investment & Finance Calculator

iPhone Investment & Finance Calculator 


The different calculation tools of the Investment & Finance Calculator can be accessed by tapping on its appropriate icon on the navigation bar located at the bottom of the screen.

The following screens can be accessed:

- Percentages Calculator (icon "Percentages")
- Savings & Interests (icon "Savings")
- Annuities (icon "Annuities")
- Loans & Mortgages (icon "Loans")
- Depreciations Calculator (icon "Depreciations")

Percentages Calculator

Generally, you can do three different types of percentage calculations with the Investment & Finance Calculator. These are (1) simple percentage calculations, (2) proportional calculations and (3) unit price calculations. On one hand, you can also perform cost comparisons. This tool is capable of doing computations on a per cent (1/100), per mill (1/1,000), or per 10k (1/10,000). Just select the computation mode via the selection bar found at the top of the screen.

In the section Simple Percentage enter a percent value in the first entry field and a base value on the second entry field. The result you get is found in the third field followed by the “=” sign. Alternatively, the result value can be fixed by entering a number; this then brings a pop-up menu that lets you choose the field (percent or base value) that shall be recalculated.

The same operation applies with the Proportional Calculations. As the name implies, you can compute the desired percentage increase or decrease, proportionately with the base value.

In the Unit Price Calculations section you can compare the price per unit of two different items. Just input the price and quantity entries, respectively and viola! You get the unit cost of your “apples and oranges”.

Savings & Interests

The top most button bar of the screen let’s you choose which to compute among Capital, Regular Savings and Total. This tool lets you define your Initial Capital, Savings, Duration, Interest rate, Dynamics, and the Tax amount. The result of this calculation is displayed in the Grand Total field. You can calculate the initial/seed capital (button "Capital"), regular savings amount ("Reg. Sav.") and the total amount saved ("Total"). These amounts can be computed either based on a yearly "y", semiannually "y/2", quarterly "y/4" or monthly "m" savings mode. Parallel to this, interest and dynamics can also be defined with respect to the mode of savings. Also, to make the computation realistic, a so-called "Dynamics" (def.: a percentage of how the regular savings shall be raised and on the frequency of how often the different variables are to be changed) is adapted in this calculator. Then, a tax rate which refers to the yield on interest not on the savings has to be defined also.

And then results found at the bottom give the total amounts for the Personal contribution (initial capital plus regular savings), Yield on interest (sums up the compounded interest earned over the specified duration in your calculation). The Tax, similarly just totals all taxes imposed on the savings throughout the period. Overall, what you expect to earn after some time is displayed under the Grand Total, the bottom line number.

The Savings and Interests calculator assumes that deposits are made in advance, that is it you are yet to start a savings plan and the interest earnings increases in arrears (accumulated in the end of each period).


Select the result value you wish to compute by tapping the applicable button located in the uppermost part of the screen. It can be Capital, a yearly payback or drawings also termed as Annuity, or the Duration. All of these calculations take into account the compounding effect of the defined annual interest rate.

At the lower part of the screen is the summary of all the annuities (Total Withdrawing), total yield on interest (Interest) and of course, the initial capital that needs to be invested in the first place.

The Annuities Calculator assumes withdrawings and interest increases to be in arrears, that is they are snap shots of your drawings at the end of a certain period.

Loans & Mortgages

Select the result value you are interested with by tapping the respective button at the top part of the screen. You can calculate the loan value ("Loan"), a regular installment amount ("Install"), the duration in years ("Dur") or the remainder of a debt ("Remain"). The Investment & Finance Calculator computes the compound interest effect with respect to the entered nominal yearly interest rate in percent ("Interest"). Also, the installment period can be specified whether it’s annually "y", semiannually "y/2", quarterly "y/4" or monthly "m" by just tapping the correct button bar.

In the sum or results field at the bottom of the screen is the summary of the total interest amount that have to be paid in addition to the loan’s principal amount, the Total Expenditures is simply the total costs of the loan and finally it gives you an idea on the amount of the installment that has to be paid periodically.

Installments and interest increases are assumed to be in arrears, that is they are snap shots of your financial endeavors at the end of each calculation period.

Depreciations Calculator

Select the result value that shall be computed with the button bar at the top of the screen. You can compute for the acquisition value ("Acquisition"), yearly depreciation value ("Depr") or an asset’s useful life in years ("Life").

The depreciation is computed on a straight-line basis.

Still, should you need further help on how to maximize the use of this app, tap on the arrow-shaped button at the bottom of the screen. This redirects you to an Investment & Finance Calculator Online Help. It is a webpage that will be opened through mobile Safari browser and is available online.